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The Peace and Friendship Stadium is owned by the Greek State (Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports, General Secretariat of Sports) and is a Legal Entity under Private Law.

It is managed by a seven-member Board of Directors appointed by the Minister of Sports.

The current management, appointed on 27/07/2023, is as follows:

Status Name
President Tsiligkiri Christina
Vice President
Platanias Athanasios
Secretary Demestichas Michail
Members Voulgaris Ioannis
  Elliniadis Stavros
  Solias Theodoros
  Tzitzis Filippos
Coordinating Director Koutsogiannis Panagiotis
Deputy Coordinating Director Bardakas Dimitrios

Decision Number ΥΠΠΟΑ/ΓΔΟΑ/ΔΥΑ/ΤΔΑΔΕΦ/178564/5695/1379/115
Decision Number ΥΠΠΟΑ/ΓΔΟΑ/ΔΥΑ/ΔΑΔΕΦ/164293/5529/1316/99